We believe in working together, good cooperation and partnerships with a win-win attitude

Let’s get together: NGO, Investors, University, Interns, Research Centers, International Tissue Culture Organizations, Customers, Suppliers


Our company is always looking for partnerships and/or cooperation:

  • University:
    Internships & Research Development Tissue Culture.

  • NGO:
    Support in delivering disease-free materials, plants and tubers of the best quality and also training of local farmers.

  • Investors:
    Miti Mingi Nurseries Ltd. shareholders have, next to investments
 the nursery invested 250,000 euro in the Tissue Culture Lab, Maua 

For our next phase, we are still looking for support:

  • Setting up a network of five nurseries in Tanzania who will work with these disease-free seedlings/plantlets
  • Train and develop the selected entrepreneurs to lead the nurseries with the goal to guide them into self-sustainability and/by creating a market for local farmers

The project, commercially driven will have return profit fairly quickly, at the same time have a great impact on the way farmers and growers in Tanzania prepare for the future. 

If you are interested, please contact Jan Harm Beukema, Director Miti Mingi Nurseries Ltd. at info@mitimingi.co.tz 

Current Partners: