What we do

Tissue Culture Plants, Training & Extra Services

Miti Mingi Nurseries – www.mitimingi.co.tz – is the investor in the Maua Mazuri Tissue Culture lab. It originated on the slopes of Kilimanjaro, in Mbosho, where dedicated people from nearby villages help to raise, grow, transplant, harden off and care for small plants and tree seedlings.

Maua Mazuri offers three kind of services:

Plant tissue Culture:
In our state-of-the-art Tissue Culture Laboratory Maua Mazuri, disease-free plants are propagated in scientific, in vitro conditions. 
Tissue Culture Plants produced in our laboratory and distributed from our nurseries, are qualitative better than conventional plants. 
We have a production capacity of 5 million plants per year and regardless of weather conditions, we can produce and deliver plants on agreed timeline.


We provide good training and training opportunities. In combination with the better crop, we ensure sustainable development of agriculture in the various regions. 

Extra Services:

We also offer land preparation, laboratory analysis and contract production.